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Access Control. Overtime HVAC. Submeter Billing. All in the Cloud.

Our Mission: Improving Lives Through Innovative Property Technology Solutions

Genea’s next-generation platform puts property teams and tenant’s needs above all by giving them the control they want and deserve. Our cloud-based software works with your existing hardware to modernize access control, streamline overtime HVAC management, and economize submeter billing.

Genea’s all-in-one cloud-based access control platform comes with a self-service tenant portal to delegate and automate credentialing. Empowering tenants to add and remove users saves property teams hundreds of hours per year, reducing the time and cost associated with access control. 

Our cloud-based OTHVAC software allows tenants to submit after hours HVAC and lighting requests from their smartphones, fulfills the request through the existing BMS, and handles the tenant billing all without property teams lifting a finger.

Genea’s cloud-based submeter billing software works with existing networked and non-networked meters to streamline the submeter reading and billing process. Ditch the clipboards and spreadsheets and take the guesswork out of submetering once and for all.


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