BOMA 2017 Office Standard: Terminology Defined

Recorded On: 03/20/2018

For more than a century, BOMA has set the standard for measuring office buildings, starting with the publication of the first “Office Measurement Standard” in 1915. BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1—2017) is the latest update to the office standard.  This webinar addresses changes from the 2010 to the 2017 Office Standard’s terminology: renamed concepts, removed concepts, new concepts and evolved concept.

This archived webinar does not include a copy of the 2017 Office Standard. Visit our bookstore to purchase a copy.

Learning Objectives:

Find out what's new in the 2017 Office Standard  
Discover what terms have been renamed and why  
Learn new concepts, the evolution of concepts from the 2010 Office Standard and which concepts have been removed in the 2017 Office Standard  
Gain Insight into the history of the two methods

Susan Engstrom

BOMA Fellow, RPA, FMA, Bridge Commercial Real Estate

Susan Enstrom is a senior manager with Main Street Real Estate Services, specialists in large high-rise and campus style properties.  Susan is a BOMA Fellow and currently serves as Vice Chair of BOMAPAC and as a member of the BOMA International Standard Method of Floor Measurement Committee. She has served as President of BOMA/Greater Phoenix twice and was honored to be chosen as BOMA Pacific Southwest Regional member of the year in 2013.

David Fingret


Extreme Measures Inc.

David Fingret is a principal owner of Extreme Measures Inc; a company providing advanced building measurement and BOMA area analysis services throughout North America. 
David is a long-standing member of the BOMA International Floor Measurement Standards Committee and currently serves as the Vice Chairman. David is the  editor and illustrator of the BOMA measuring standard publications since the release of BOMA Office 2017.

Rebecca B. Hanner

BOMA Fellow, CPM, RPA, LEED GA, Hanner Commercial Asset Services

Becky recently left Cushman & Wakefield after developing a property portfolio approaching 14 million square feet to start her own firm, Commercial Asset Services. She is a recognized thought leader known for growing businesses while positively cultivating internal and external relationships. She drives strategy and new business development through her vast network of contacts and ability to keep a pulse on industry trends. A skilled mentor, Becky develops a strong work culture focused on high expectations, collaboration, and quality service delivery, and achieving process improvements through employee engagement. Becky is a member of the BOMA Standard Methods of Floor Measurement Committee and is chair of its Education Subcommittee.

Garett Naff

AIA, Gensler

Garett Naff is an area analysis consultant for Gensler and has over eight years of experience consulting in navigating standardized rentable area analysis.  Combining this with his experience in architectural design and as a licensed architect, Garett understands the impact that accurate measurements can play in building design, repositioning and transactions. As a member of the BOMA International Standard Method of Floor Measurement Committee, Garett serves as the chair of BOMA’s Floor Standards Interpretation Committee and has participated as a member shaping the development of the new standards and best practices.


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1.00 Credit Hours credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 Credit Hours credit  |  Certificate available