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SafeTraces delivers veriDART®, the market-leading solution for verifying safe indoor airflow. Verify and visualize indoor air safety to mitigate airborne exposure risk.

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veriDART by SafeTraces is the first and only liquid aerosol-based solution for verifying engineering controls and HVAC performance. It leverages aerosol tracers that safely mimic the composition and mobility of aerosol contaminants as they travel through ventilation and filtration systems. With veriDART, clients and indoor air quality professionals are empowered with actionable data to identify and remediate indoor air safety hazards to protect occupational health and safety.

SafeTraces is partnering with EHS, IAQ, and Engineering leaders to deliver veriDART, including: UL, Tetra Tech, Citadel EHS, RHP Risk Management, and Universal Engineering Sciences. 

Visit us at www.safetraces.com to learn about the applications of veriDART and the significant ROI benefits it provides relating to energy consumption, sustainability, and health & safety for your facilities.

Facility Safety in a Changing World

ABC7 News: Verifying Mall Indoor Air Quality


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  • veriDART by SafeTraces Informational Brochure
    Verify Engineering Controls and HVAC Performance. Assess and Mitigate Airborne Exposure Risk with veriDART by SafeTraces.
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  • veriDART Case Study: Irvine Company
    Come Back with Confidence. Throughout 2020-2021, occupancy levels of US commercial office buildings have stood below 30%...
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  • veriDART Case Study: Effective Disease Transmission Mitigation
    Concern about Ventilation Performance in Schools. Since schools reopened in the fall, students, parents, and schools have operated in uncertain and often unsafe school environments, posing continuous challenges for all...
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  • veriDART Case Study: Cost-Effective Indoor Air Safety
    The Cost Penalty of Safer Indoor Air. During the COVID-19 pandemic, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) guidance has emphasized three significant actions to limit the potential of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in the built environment...
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  • veriDART Case Study: Reducing Hospital-Acquired Infections
    Hospital-Acquired SARS-CoV-2 Infections. The hospital-acquired COVID-19 infection rate is estimated at 12-15%.1 Despite being designed, operated, and regulated to mitigate infection risk, healthcare facilities have confronted unprecedented...
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Ventilation and Filtration Verification in Action

Irvine Company is the first commercial real estate company in the US to use veriDART to verify the efficacy of ventilation and filtration systems within their office properties. Check out the video below: