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Founded in 1988, SageWater provides a unique, proven approach to pipe replacement for occupied multifamily apartment, condominium and commercial buildings. Our turnkey plumbing, drywall and painting services ensure a seamless workflow and strict adherence to schedules.

Besides being more efficient and cost-effective, this approach allows apartment residents and condo owners to stay comfortably put without requiring them to move out during the repipe process.

SageWater operates nationwide; we are licensed in nearly every state and deploy a hub and spoke model to serve clients from our regional offices. We have repiped more than 100,000 occupied units, replacing more than 35 million feet of pipe along the way.

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1319 Powhatan Street 
Alexandria, VA 22314

Office: (888) 584-9990
Carol Shenk: (215) 704-2839
David Hossfeld: (888) 677-1615

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