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Water is a precious resource and without it —we are history.  Yet, almost 50% of the water in the United States is wasted due to poor irrigation methods and systems.  Smart Rain was founded in 2012 with a mission to put a stop to overwatering on commercial properties.  Not only does this protect our planet’s fresh water, but it also helps property managers save money and time on water system management.  Smart irrigation systems are the most efficient way to prevent overwatering, as they monitor water usage and shut off lines when no more water is needed.  When we started our company, we knew that we needed to create advanced smart irrigation technology that was backed by a supportive team and increased irrigation transparency.  With that mission in mind, we created the centralized Smart Controller and the Smart Rain mobile application. 

Smart Rain products let you see exactly how much water is being used on your property and what it is costing you.  Armed with this information, you can adjust your watering practices to cut down on waste and save on utility bills.  To make water management even easier for you, all of this can be done in a few taps on your smartphone.  Visit the links below to learn more about Smart Rain’s technology, products, and more. 



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