Attendee Networking
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Connect with your peers

Review and complete your profile to help your peers find you more easily.

Edit your Profile
Access Conference Directory

How to Set Up Your Profile to Connect

After logging in, click here ( to edit your profile.

If you would like, upload a profile picture in the Profile Fields tab.

In the Privacy Settings tab, opt in to show your profile with other attendees by checking the three boxes next to Show Profile Info and click Save.


In the Messaging Settings tab, opt in to message your fellow registrants by choosing “Administrators, managers, and other registrants of products I register for” under “Who can send me messages?” and click Save.


How to Find and Message Peers

Click here ( to find other users that you can connect with during the conference.

Click here ( to message your peers directly during the conference.

Click Add Users and search for the users that you would like to message (you can select one user or a group of users to start a conversation).


Type your message, include a subject and click Send to start the conversation.